About Us

It is with great joy that we welcome you to Christ the King  Cathedral Secondary School Aba, an institution of academic height where Education is recognized as one of the most fundamental building blocks for human development.

At Christ the King  Cathedral Secondary School Aba , our motto is Moral and Academic Excellence.

Christ the King Cathedral Secondary school Aba, is a school founded, owned and run by the catholic church, Aba Diocese.      It started functioning as a secondary school in the 2002/2003 Academic year. The school is established to provide continuity in Christian education of our children. The race started from Nursery to Primary and now to secondary school. This is very important period in the mental, physical and moral development of the child.

The moral, spiritual and intellectual formation infused into the child during this period cannot be easily changed or polluted in his/her future by any society especially as the child enters Tertiary institutions. Thus. The saying, “Train a child in the right way and when old he will not stray” (Prov.22:6)




Our secondary school section comprises two sub-sections:

  1. Junior Secondary

  2. Senior Secondary

The Junior Secondary

The Junior Secondary School is also known as the Upper Basic Classes. This is the highest stage of the Universal, Basic Education programme (UBE). The Federal governments policy is that compulsory education should end at this stage. The J.S.S. runs for three years at the end of which the students will write the Basic Education Certificate Examination ( BECE).

At CKC, the J.S.S. is used to prepare student for the senior secondary school. Their experimental skills are developed and personal initiatives are encouraged. The subjects offered are between thirteen and fifteen in number including core subjects like Mathematics and English Language and other elective subjects. Whichever subject, the school has decided to offer according go the new curriculum is compulsory for all its junior secondary students.

Subjects for this sub-section

  • English Language

  • Mathematics

  • Basic Technology

  • Social Studies

  • Agricultural Science

  • Computer Studies

  • Home Economics

  • Physical and Health Education

  • Business Studies

  • Civic Education

  • Christian Religious Studies

  • Cultural and Creative Arts

  • French

  • Igbo Language

The Senior Secondary School.

The senior secondary school also runs for three years. At this stage, the students should have decided on which course to study in the higher institution which informs their subject areas (Arts, Social Science or Science). This last three years is used to fine tune the skills of the students and equip them for a successful further education.

It is compulsory for all senior secondary one students to offer all the subjects in this class. At the end of the session, the students are given the choice to select the subjects they will offer in Senior Secondary two. They will however be guided by their performance in the various subjects and the course they intend to study in the higher institution. The students are to choose either nine or ten subjects (core and electives), students who are undecided about which subjects to choose should meet the school counselors for advice.

Subjects for this sub-section includes:

  • Mathematics

  • English Language

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Biology

  • Geography

  • Commerce

  • Government

  • Agricultural Science

  • Christian Religious Studies

  • Literature in English

  • Computer Science

  • Civic Education

  • Fisheries

  • Economics

  • Further Mathematics


  • Physics Laboratory

  • Chemistry Laboratory

  • Biology Laboratory

  • Agricultural science Laboratory

  • Home Economics Laboratory

  • Fine Art studio

  • Music room

  • Computer room

  • School library

  • School clinic

  • Borehole

  • Stand by generator

  • Conveniences, recreational facilities and playground.

  • Administrative offices, staffroom, storage room, receptionist/typing room, etc.                   




We engage in series of events and have varying educative clubs. These are deemed beneficial as regards enhancing and developing the talents in the students. They include:

The school has several educative clubs. These clubs are geared towards enhancing and developing the talents in the students. Here, talents are discovered, skills developed and inventions are encouraged. Some of these clubs include:

  • Jet Club (inventors/ scientist Club).

  • Mathematics Club.

  • Press Club.

  • Choreography/Music Club.

  • Literary and debating Club.

  • Chess Club

  • Football Club                                                                   

Every student is free to join any club of his/her choice.



Excursions are organized termly as part of the extra or curricular activities for the term. It may be part of the scheme of work, or just an educative/enlightening event. The students have had the opportunity to visit so many places within and outside Aba city.



Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony is organized at the end of every session to send forth  students in the Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary three classes. During the ceremony other activities and talents are also displayed. They include: drama, presentation, presentation of certificates and so on.


Cultural Day

Cultural day is a day set aside to appreciate our culture. The students dress in their native/traditional attire and showcase the different traditions/foods/greetings/arts and so on of their various cultures.

Inter school/intra school quiz competition

  Quiz competition is a veritable tool in the intellectual development of the children. It encourages research, further study and builds the confidence of children.
The school on termly basis engages the students in any of the following competitions- spelling bee, Mathematics, Science, debate, Essay Writing etc

Inter House Sports Competition 

This is a Bi-annual event organized by the school in order for the students to display their talents in sports and other physical activities and games.